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God works through Joseph

It had been almost 40 years since Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers, his own flesh and blood. His father Jacob was now dead, a father who loved him dearly in his early years. But for a significant portion of those 40 years, Joseph didn’t get to enjoy that love because he had been sold into slavery and forced into a new life in Egypt.

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Noah and the Flood

What if the most important question about the story of Noah and the great flood isn’t whether God flooded the entire world or not. What if we should have been asking the question, “What does this story actually tell us about who God is?”

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September 17, 2017

Jacob’s Dream

Generation after generation would pass until Jesus the Messiah would arrive in the flesh. He would speak of himself as the ladder in Jacob’s dream, the one connecting heaven and earth, the one connecting Yahweh and people.

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