Your story, and my story, they were meant to cross paths with God's story. And God's story, it's one that moves from creation to new creation, life to new life.

When we let God's story speak for itself, we learn of the unforgivable being forgiven, the unlovable being loved, we learn of God taking those who feel dead inside and breathing new life into them.

I imagine your story is a lot like my story. One with heartache in it. Or maybe its fear and confusion. Or maybe you feel like you don't really matter anymore. We all have challenges that leave us feeling a little dead inside, or maybe a lot.

We all have a story and I invite you to join me at Storied.org for a retelling of God's story. A retelling that strips away the dos and don'ts and complicated jargon so we can hear God's story of moving us from life to new life.

Grace and peace.