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Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

Video 3:36February 24, 2019Matthew 14:13-33

Jesus really had chosen to get way but the crowds had followed him and now it was beginning to get late. The disciples knew there wouldn’t be any food to take care of the people.

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Emmaus Road

ArticleApril 18, 2017Luke 24:13-35

Serving someone a meal is different than sharing a meal with them. Sharing a meal with the stranger is an image of what God does with us, sharing a meal with a world that can’t possibly know him unless God comes to them.

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The Last Supper

ArticleApril 13, 2017Luke 22:1-27

Jesus makes a new covenant with us all through his body and blood, through bread and wine. God shows us that everything is going to be okay by sitting down and having a meal with us.

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