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Shepherds Visit

Video 3:18December 25, 2020Luke 2:8-20

In the stillness of the night, an Angel of the Lord appears to shepherds, to people who’ve been a symbol of what God has always been doing in the world, keeping watch by night. And in this darkness, light had entered the world, and here was God, celebrating and declaring and proclaiming this light over the people.

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Jesus' Birth Announced

VideoDecember 17, 2020Luke 1:26-45

The biggest miracle of the birth of Jesus isn't that he was born of the virgin Mary. The biggest miracle is that despite the ridicule and pain it would bring Mary in a society that would look down on her for being pregnant before marriage, she says yes anyway, declaring that, "I am the Lord's servant."

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Jesus as Immanuel

Video 2:10December 25, 2018Matthew 1:18-25

Immanuel, God with us, was finally here, and the Kingdom of God was about to begin taking shape upon the earth, a kingdom as simple and just as powerful as two teenager’s love for one another.

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Jesus turns water into wine

Video 6:38January 13, 2018John 2:1-11

She involved Jesus whether or not he was ready to be involved. That’s what good mom’s do right? Without his permission, she tells the servants to do whatever Jesus tells them to do putting Jesus on the spot.

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