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The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me

Video 3:13December 13, 2020Isaiah 61:1-11, Luke 4:16-21

The Israelites have returned home, but home isn't what it used to be. They carry the mental and physical anguish of what they endured in exile and now have returned to a home in rubbles. An anointed one has arrived on seen to proclaim good news anyway.

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God calls Isaiah

Video 4:45November 07, 2020Isaiah 6:1-8

Isaiah finds himself in the presence of a Holy God who not only fills the temple, but also fills the world. Isaiah is filled with fear because he knows he's in the presence of God who shakes the foundations of the earth with his holiness and at this point Isaiah believes he's about to die before God.

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Invited to More

Video 3:36December 11, 2017Isaiah 55:1-13

God has made a promise. You don’t have to live in exile. You can live in the covenant of love that never ends. God is inviting us to more.

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Ethiopian Eunuch Baptized

ArticleMay 02, 2017Acts 8:26-39

There is a place for all of us in God's family regardless of how others think of us or what others subject us to because that's the very nature of Christ.

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