Creation to New Creation,
Life to New Life.

Category: Acts

You Will Be My Witnesses

VideoApril 19, 2020Acts 1:1-14

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Paul’s Sermon at Athens

Video 1:54April 25, 2018Acts 17:16-31

There’s more to this life than meets the eye and seeking out pleasure isn’t going to make you feel any less empty inside, and trying to pretend that we can ignore shortcomings in the world around us wont make them go away. It’s Resurrection that gives us hope.

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Paul and Silas in Prison

Video 2:40April 16, 2018Acts 16:16-34

Instead of running, they put aside their freedom knowing that even behind bars they’re free with Jesus and with this the Jailor realizes he needs some of that too.

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ArticleJune 01, 2017Acts 2

3,000 people decided to follow Jesus that day and it all started from within a house. God works in mysterious ways.

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Ethiopian Eunuch Baptized

ArticleMay 02, 2017Acts 8:26-39

There is a place for all of us in God's family regardless of how others think of us or what others subject us to because that's the very nature of Christ.

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Stephen's Witness

ArticleApril 26, 2017Acts 6:1-7:2,44-60

We can choose to love our enemies because in the end, because we know too that we will see Jesus seated at the right hand of God.

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