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October 27, 2019

How Rehoboam Failed at Servant Leadership

King Solomon had put a heavy burden on the people, both in taxation and labor. The Israelites had gathered to meet Rehoboam to ask him to make their burden lighter. Rehoboam would presented with a choice of what sort of king he would become.

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Elijah hears from God

A powerful wind blows, shattering rocks on the mountain but God wasn’t in it. And then there was an earthquake. And then a fire. But God wasn’t in those either. God’s presence was in the stillness that came after.

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Solomon’s Temple

(Solomon) The time has come and now I must succeed my father as King. My father, a great warrior, has pushed our enemies out of this land that God has given us and now it’s high time I build a temple for him. We desperately want God’s presence to be among us because we know […]

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