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A Retelling of Thomas

Tensions are high, the doors are locked, and the disciples are hiding inside a home, living in complete fear that what happened to Jesus will soon happen to them too if they're seen in public. They're caught in a hurricane of emotional turmoil having nowhere to turn, no direction for what's next, and living in a world that has been turned upside down, looking nothing like what they expected. But in the midst of this chaos, in the midst of uncertainty, in the midst of the unexpected, Jesus shows up in the flesh, having defeated death, breathing words of peace upon the disciples, telling them it's not over, a new beginning is here–as the Father has sent me, I am sending you. And with this, Thomas, who was completely disillusioned with everything and everyone, was filled with inner peace in the presence of the resurrected King, whose promise of life began taking on a completely new meaning when he saw Jesus alive and well, standing before them, with nail scarred hands and a pierced side. Jesus had conquered death and they no longer had to fear it.

A retelling from John 20:19-31; Psalm 145:13-21

More Reflections on John 20:19-31

Sometimes we're hit with a storm, sometimes we're hit with the unexpected, and sometimes our world get's turned upside down. But life isn't about what's happening around us or to us. Life is about how Jesus resurrection-shapes the chaos embattling us. Jesus wasn't interested in freeing the disciples from the hurricane they were in. He was interested in giving them peace, breathing the Holy Spirit on them, so they could be sent out as beacons of light for those caught in the storm too.

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