Ananias called to pray for Saul

Ananias called to pray for Saul

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Ananias called to pray for Saul

Unexpectedly, Ananias receives what most would call an unwelcome vision from the Lord. He's being called to go and pray over a man who has been a terrorist to his people, a man who has imprisoned and commissioned the murder of followers of the Way like Ananias himself. You can imagine the feelings that welled up inside Ananias when God said go lay hands on your worst enemy and pray for his healing. But just maybe, it's the prayer of healing for our enemies that ends up being the best thing that could happen to us.

A retelling from Acts 9:1-19a, Matthew 6:24

Another Reflection on Acts 9:1-19a

I once heard it said that the best way to love our enemies is by making them our friends. I don't claim to know what the greatest act of devotion towards Jesus is, but I do know that loving your enemies means you're quite serious about being a follower of the Way.

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