Your story and my story…
they were meant to cross paths with God’s story.

And God’s story? It’s one that moves from Creation to New Creation and that’s where Storied comes in. Inspired by the Narrative Lectionary, I’ll be posting reflections and retellings based on the current reading for the week.

You can expect reflections and retellings about Creation, the Fall, and Israel each Fall season. Stories about Jesus and the Early Church will fill each Spring. Along the way I’ll be posting articles about storytelling, my thoughts on a storied theology, and how it ties us together in God’s work of redeeming all of Creation through Jesus.

A bit of history about me

I come from humble beginnings in Eastern Kentucky that have shaped my journey through this world. If there’s one thing Appalachian culture is known for, it’s its storytelling and folklore. I grew up with stories about hunting, work, and making ends meat. Stories about things happening in the hills and all sorts of stories about all things spiritual. I began living out my own story and along the way it crossed God’s story. Everything has been an adventure since.

Death will find me alive An old Italian Proverb

My journey has been one of attending seminary, traveling the world, and climbing big rocks. But my story, it’s been one of encountering a missional God.

My mission

It’s simple. It’s to love God with all that I am and to love people with all that I have. Storytelling is one of those ways. I light up anytime I get to tell a story about Jesus breaking the rules to show people he loved them.

The power of storytelling.

This video by the Table hints at what storytelling is all about. It connects us in ways sermons, lectures, and other experiences cannot because stories are a unique experience of their own, transcending time and culture.

I hope you’ll be blessed as much from these retellings and reflections as I have. Grace and peace.

— Kaleb