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You Will Be My Witnesses

VideoApril 19, 2020Acts 1:1-14

A Retelling of Jesus tells the disciples, "You will be my witnesses"

Jesus promises power.

Storyline Commentary on Acts 1:1-14

Every story can be broken down into a few parts. The setting, where the story takes place and why it might be important. The characters and their emotions and thoughts invested in the story. A tension that needs resolved. A resolution that brings us through the tension, and a through line (aka main idea) that carries the story through from beginning to end.

The Setting

The Characters

The Tension

The Resolution

The Through Line

Reflections on Acts 1:1-14

Why has this story endured?

What is true for them then that is still true for us today?

How does this story help us love God?

How does this story help us love others?

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Reflections from Acts 1:1-14

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