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Triumphal Entry

ArticleApril 9, 2017Luke 19:29-44

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    Jesus is still willfully heading towards Jerusalem to give his life for the life of the world and there's no one who knows better than him just how much it's all going to cost. But there's a problem, the people still don't get it because they're still looking for a Messiah who will conquer the Romans for them. They'll soon find out that Jesus is doing something much bigger, something much better. The best gift Jesus is going to give them and us is freedom from anything and everything that chains us away from experiencing life in God in the now and the later.

    A short retelling from Luke 19:29-44.


    How does this help us love God better? By realizing that Jesus is faithful to his mission even when we're not. He laid down his life for us fully knowing that there would be many among us who still wouldn't be willing to lay down our own ways of life for his. That's an incredible sacrifice.

    How does this help us love others better? We are in good company when people reject us. It would be easy to stop loving others knowing they'll never love us back but that's not the example that our messiah set for us. God's example for us is to love even our enemies.

    Reflections from Luke 19:29-44

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