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The Last Supper

ArticleApril 13, 2017Luke 22:1-27

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    Times are turbulent, the chief priests want Jesus dead, Jesus knows he's about to suffer, and there's a traitor among the Twelve. Jesus has patiently and eagerly awaited to eat this final meal with his disciples because it's the start of something new God is doing in the world. Jesus makes a new covenant with us all through his body and blood, through bread and wine. God shows us that everything is going to be okay by sitting down and having a meal with us.

    A short retelling from Luke 22:1-27.


    How does this help me love God better? I'm in awe of the notion that God want's to sit down with us and share a meal openly with us. This is the God once hidden behind temple curtains and us having no chance of access to him. He's flipped that on its head because he want's to be with his people, so much so he symbolized it by sharing a meal with them before his crucifixion, and immediately after his resurrection. God's love for us is displayed in his longing to share a meal with us. Wow.

    How does this help me to love others better? There doesn't seem to be anyone Jesus won't share a meal with. Tax collectors, sinners, even Judas. To love like Jesus does, I need to be willing to share a meal with anyone.

    Reflections from Luke 22:1-27

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