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Parable of the Prodigal God

Video March 7, 2017Luke 15:11-32

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    A man was sitting with his friends when they began discussing the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Back and forth they went, each taking turns to share how the story had spoken to them. The man had discovered something new about the parable that day, something he had never seen or heard before in the many times he had studied it.

    The parable wasn't a story about a Prodigal Son but a Prodigal God. He had wrongly assumed that the word prodigal meant someone who runs away only to return, but that's not actually a prodigal. A prodigal is someone who is wastefully extravagant and more than the son who had run away, the father was wastefully extravagant with his love.

    That's the story of God. He truly is a Prodigal God. Jesus was so wastefully extravagant with his love towards us that it even cost him his life. We may be reckless with our lives but God is reckless with his love, extending it to even those that everyone else would say does not deserve it.

    A retelling from Luke 15:11–32.

    Reflections from Luke 15:11-32

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