From Creation to New Creation,
Centering life in God's Story.


The Rich Man and Lazarus

ArticleMarch 21, 2017Luke 16:19-31

We find our true worth through the Gospel, the good news that money, possessions, or titles won’t stop Jesus from giving his life in exchange for ours. We find our true value in God’s love for us.

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Lost Sheep, Coin, Son

ArticleMarch 15, 2017Luke 15

Though each story is different they're also the same. Every story ends with God and friends rejoicing over his lost children being found.

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Jesus Laments over Jerusalem

ArticleMarch 7, 2017Luke 13:1-35

Jesus is continuing to press forward towards Jerusalem where he knows he will meet his fate on a cross. In our first story, an idea that still permeates minds and hearts today, rears its ugly head.

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Parable of the Prodigal God

Video March 7, 2017Luke 15:11-32

A prodigal is someone who is wastefully extravagant and more than the son who had run away, the father was wastefully extravagant with his love.

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The Good Samaritan

ArticleMarch 2, 2017Luke 10:25-37

This outsider spent his time, energy, and money on the wounded man, who probably despised him also, to prove that love is greater than hate.

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Jesus turns towards Jerusalem

ArticleMarch 1, 2017Luke 9:51-62

They would have to make Jesus more important in their lives than even their family and friends. Following Jesus would cost them everything because of the price he was soon to pay.

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ArticleFebruary 20, 2017Luke 9:28–45

One day, Jesus sat down with his followers to let them in on some heavy news. He was going to die. The Messiah dead. That didn’t seem like good news to these faithful followers.

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Forgiven at Jesus' Feet

ArticleFebruary 17, 2017Luke 7:36–50

She finds herself at the feet of Jesus weeping. I think she was probably like the guy I found myself in front of. Someone who felt unforgivable.

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The Widow at Nain

ArticleFebruary 1, 2017Luke 7:1–17

Jesus raising the widow’s only son from the dead wasn’t the biggest miracle he performed that day.

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