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ArticleJune 1, 2017Acts 2

3,000 people decided to follow Jesus that day and it all started from within a house. God works in mysterious ways.

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One in Christ

ArticleMay 27, 2017Galatians 3:1-9, 23-29

It's who we are–not Gentile, not Jew, nor our ethnographies–but our adoption and birth as children of God that unite as one, thicker than blood.

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Ethiopian Eunuch Baptized

ArticleMay 2, 2017Acts 8:26-39

There is a place for all of us in God's family regardless of how others think of us or what others subject us to because that's the very nature of Christ.

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Stephen's Witness

ArticleApril 26, 2017Acts 6:1-7:2,44-60

We can choose to love our enemies because in the end, because we know too that we will see Jesus seated at the right hand of God.

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Emmaus Road

ArticleApril 18, 2017Luke 24:13-35

Serving someone a meal is different than sharing a meal with them. Sharing a meal with the stranger is an image of what God does with us, sharing a meal with a world that can’t possibly know him unless God comes to them.

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Video April 15, 2017Luke 24:1-12

This story is a reminder that God brings hope in hopeless situations, that he's the master of breathing life back into what seems dead.

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Video April 14, 2017Luke 23:32-47

There wasn't a happy ending to the chain of events for this day, no resolution, only confusion and a feeling of lostness. All was lost.

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The Last Supper

ArticleApril 13, 2017Luke 22:1-27

Jesus makes a new covenant with us all through his body and blood, through bread and wine. God shows us that everything is going to be okay by sitting down and having a meal with us.

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Triumphal Entry

ArticleApril 9, 2017Luke 19:29-44

Jesus is still willfully heading towards Jerusalem to give his life for the life of the world and there's no one who knows better than him just how much it's all going to cost.

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ArticleApril 2, 2017Luke 18:31-19:10

He was a man no one wanted around, a man considered traitor, and all of a sudden this would-be Messiah with eagerness tells him, "Hurry, come down, I must stay at your house today."

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