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Elijah hears from God

Video 6:43October 29, 20171 Kings 19:1-18

A powerful wind blows, shattering rocks on the mountain but God wasn’t in it. And then there was an earthquake. And then a fire. But God wasn’t in those either. God’s presence was in the stillness that came after.

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God calls David

ArticleOctober 18, 20171 Samuel 16:1-13

When everyone else must have thought less of him, God was still calling him, and for David, this was worth his life. He knew he messed up and the Psalms are evidence of David’s longing for a clean heart and mind.

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God calls Samuel

ArticleOctober 11, 20171 Samuel 3:1–21

Samuel’s calling started with servanthood. He saw himself as a servant of God under Eli’s leadership. Too often we want to jump to being the leader but the right posture isn’t leader, it’s servant.

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God's Name is Revealed

ArticleOctober 7, 2017 Exodus 2:23–25; 3:1–15; 4:10–17

Moses would meet God in the fire and understand that God’s very name Yahweh means the one who causes things to be.

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Jacob's Dream

ArticleSeptember 17, 2017Genesis 27:1–4, 15–23; 28:10–17

Generation after generation would pass until Jesus the Messiah would arrive in the flesh. He would speak of himself as the ladder in Jacob’s dream, the one connecting heaven and earth, the one connecting Yahweh and people.

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Binding of Isaac

Video September 12, 2017Genesis 21:1-3; 22:1-14

Did God really want Abraham to kill Isaac or was there something much larger going on?

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Creation by the Word

ArticleSeptember 9, 2017Genesis 1-2:4

God wasn't ready to rest from mountains, seas, the stars, the sky and everything that fills them until God breathed us into existence.

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