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Partnership in the Gospel

ArticleMay 6, 2018Philippians 1:1-18

Paul and Timothy see their chains as chains for Christ because it gives them a chance to let the Jesus-love inside of them overflow more and more towards those imprisoning them.

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Paul’s Sermon at Athens

Video 1:54April 25, 2018Acts 17:16-31

There’s more to this life than meets the eye and seeking out pleasure isn’t going to make you feel any less empty inside, and trying to pretend that we can ignore shortcomings in the world around us wont make them go away. It’s Resurrection that gives us hope.

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Paul and Silas in Prison

Video 2:40April 16, 2018Acts 16:16-34

Instead of running, they put aside their freedom knowing that even behind bars they’re free with Jesus and with this the Jailor realizes he needs some of that too.

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Video 2:16April 4, 2018John 20:19-31

Life isn’t about what’s happening around us or to us. Life is about how Jesus resurrection-shapes the chaos embattling us.

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Mary Magdalene encounters the Resurrected Jesus

Video 2:01March 28, 2018John 20:1-18

Even after the resurrection, when Jesus could have already ascended to heaven, already laid claim to his rightful throne, he instead chooses to breathe life into someone feeling dead inside.

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The Crucified Messiah

Video 3:06March 21, 2018John 19:16-22

In what seems like an eternal pause, the way that Jesus works was on full display. Victory will often look like failure on the surface but its what’s happening behind the scenes that’s what matters.

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Jesus is condemned

Video 4:46March 16, 2018John 19:1-16

Even after Jesus has nearly been scourged to death and ridiculed, Jewish leaders still want Jesus dead. It’s in this moment we begin seeing the difference between God’s kingdom and earthly kingdoms.

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Jesus washes the disciples feet

Video 3:35February 25, 2018John 13:1-17

You can’t fully experience Jesus in your life without serving others because Jesus was not only a teacher and leader, but also a servant.

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Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead

Video 8:27February 16, 2018John 11: I-44

Jesus says to them, “Unwrap him and release him.” Jesus was talking about his funeral linens but he was talking about so much more all at the same time. He must have said the same thing to Death and Death had no choice but to give up it’s hold on Lazarus.

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