From Creation to New Creation,
Centering life in God's Story.


Magi Visit

Video 3:00January 7, 2019Matthew 2:1-23

Joseph takes Mary and Jesus and flees towards Egypt after King Herod tries to trick the Magi into giving away their location. King Herod was so power hungry that he even wanted a 2 year old dead who he though might rise up and take his throne.

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Genealogy of Jesus

Video December 30, 2018Matthew 1:1-17

What story does the Genealogy of Jesus tell us about who God is? That God works to bless the world even beyond dark histories we can find in Jesus' family tree.

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Jesus as Immanuel

Video 2:10December 25, 2018Matthew 1:18-25

Immanuel, God with us, was finally here, and the Kingdom of God was about to begin taking shape upon the earth, a kingdom as simple and just as powerful as two teenager’s love for one another.

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Jeremiah’s Temple Sermon

Video 2:50November 24, 2018Jeremiah 1:4-10; 7:1-11

As Jeremiah grew older he began understanding some of what was happening around him. He saw the foreigner, widow, and orphan abandoned. He saw people rejecting God’s way of love for their own twisted sense of self love.

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Isaiah–Beating Swords into Plowshares

Video 3:45November 16, 2018Isaiah 36:1-3, 13-20; 37:1-7; 2:1-4

So what does it look like to walk in the light of the Lord? According to Isaiah, a lot like beating swords into plowshares, a lot like taking death and turning it into life.

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Video 5:19November 9, 2018Micah 6:6-8

Loving your neighbor means acting justly and loving mercy and that’s a big umbrella. It doesn’t just cover those you call your own. It covers those you don’t call your own too. The fatherless, the widow, the stranger.

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The Call of Abraham

Video 4:00September 14, 2018Genesis 12:1-9

And with that, Abraham packs up, gets his wife Sarah and nephew Lot ready, and they begin following God to the land of Canaan with everyone else.

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Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife

Video 3:32September 6, 2018Genesis 39:1-23

Despite what anyone was saying about Joseph, God was with him. Jospeh never lost sight of this. He never lost sight that this was about God, not about him.

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Noah and the Flood

Video 3:28September 2, 2018Genesis 6:5-22; 8:6-12; 9:8-17

What if the most important question about the story of Noah and the great flood isn’t whether God flooded the entire world or not. What if we should have been asking the question, “What does this story actually tell us about who God is?”

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What is Storied?

Video 1:44August 24, 2018

Your story, and my story, they were meant to cross paths with God’s story. And God’s story, it’s one that moves from creation to new creation, life to new life.

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