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When God told Moses to Love God, Love People

Video 3:17October 4, 2019Deuteronomy 5:1-21; 6:4-9;

Moses never called them the Ten Commandments and maybe that means there's something more to the story than most of us realize. This was the start of Love God, Love People, God's plan all along.

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Moses and God’s Name I Am

Video 4:25September 24, 2019Exodus 1:81-4; 1:15-2:10; 3:1`-15

Moses was about to learn God's name and all of the Deliverance that comes with it.

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Jacob Wrestles with God and Lives to Tell this Incredible Story

Video 4:20September 20, 2019Genesis 32:9-13, 22-30

In the despair, Jacob wrestles with God one night. Not just for a little while, but all night long and just before daybreak, God tells Jacob to stop. But of course, Jacob being who Jacob is, he continues to wrestle. He doesn't want to give up.

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The Garden of Eden and the Gift Of Naming

Video 2:58September 8, 2019Genesis 2:4b-25

God has created the heavens and the earth and planted a Garden where humankind will find their start. Everything is good. Even in the man and woman's nakedness, there is no shame.

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Gospel of Matthew - Resurrection

ArticleApril 21, 2019

The Mary's decided to stare death in the face instead of running from it. They did what 11 other men hadn't already (one man short of 12, a painful reminder of what had happened).

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Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

Video 3:36February 24, 2019Matthew 14:13-33

Jesus really had chosen to get way but the crowds had followed him and now it was beginning to get late. The disciples knew there wouldn’t be any food to take care of the people.

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The Beatitudes

Video 3:24January 25, 2019Matthew 5:1-20

The Kingdom Jesus teaches here isn’t like other Kingdoms that the people know. It’s familiar but at the same time it’s not. Values that bring blessedness aren’t necessarily the same as values that bring happiness and Jesus is about to unwrap this distinction for the people.

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Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness

Video 2:20January 16, 2019Matthew 4:1-17

And for Jesus, even though he has power to turn stones into bread, and even though the angels could save him from death, he knows that who he really is, his real power, his identity, it comes from the Father above.

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Jesus' Baptism: Matthew

Video 2:21January 11, 2019Matthew 3:1-17

In a prophetic moment, Jesus instead chooses to be with the common people, taking on their sin, plunging it into this watery grave only to rise up again into the fullness of God where God says, I'm pleased. The Jesus who loves us is the one who wades into the waters with us.

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