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May 27, 2017

One in Christ

From the very beginning of time, God’s plan was for us to be one with one another and one with him, created even in his own image. Just as there’s no division in the trinity, there isn’t suppose to be division in God’s family. Tracing our roots even as far back as father Abraham, it’s our faith in God wrapped up in the body and blood of Christ that brings us altogether as one from Heaven to Earth. It’s who we are–not Gentile, not Jew, nor our ethnographies–but our adoption and birth as children of God that unite as one, thicker than blood.

A short retelling from Galatians 3:1-9, 23-29


How does this help me love God better? It shapes my understanding that since the beginning of time, God has wanted to be with us, at peace with us, loving us. My identity isn’t in my tribe but in God above.

How does this help me love people better? Everyone has the chance to be adopted into the family of God. Everyone is a potential brother or sister and that’s more important than making enemies.


June 01, 2017



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