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Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife

Published September 06, 2018

A retelling based on Genesis 39:1-23, Matthew 5:11-12.

Storyline Commentary

Setting Jospeh has come a long way after having been unjustly treated by his brothers. After they initially left him to die, they ended up selling him off as a slave, and now Joseph has been taken to Egypt where he’s found himself serving Potiphar, the captain of the guard.


Joseph–continually being accused of wrongdoing and having false witness brought against him. It seems like some of it comes about because of his personality; his dad rebukes him when sharing dreams with his family, and it’s unclear if Joseph put himself in a situation that he shouldn’t have been in with Potiphar’s wife.

Potiphar–The captain of the guard, the one in charge of executions, who doesn’t execute Joseph based on his wife’s accusation against Joseph; highly unusual.

Potiphar’s wife–she desires Joseph but the reason’s are unclear. Outside textual sources have speculated that she didn’t have children, was unhappy with Potiphar, etc. It could simply be that she was lustful, but that’s no the point of this story.

The Prison Warden–puts Joseph in charge of all of the other prisoners.

God–continues to show Jospeh favor throughout this story, and throughout his life because God has a plan that is bigger than our good and our bad.

Tension False witness that continually lands Joseph in deeper trouble.

Resolution Despite what anyone was saying about Joseph, God was with him (vv20-21). Jospeh never lost sight of this. He never lost sight that this was about God, not about him.

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