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April 14, 2017


The time has come for Jesus to be removed from this world, or at least that’s what the rulers and authorities were thinking. Nailed to a cross between two criminals, Jesus’ time on this earth had come to and end and for those who faithfully followed him not only was Jesus about to die, but the movement he had started was about to be killed too. There wasn’t a happy ending to the chain of events for this day, no resolution, only confusion and a feeling of lostness. There are times of darkness where our only hope is that God will breathe life back into what’s going on around us.

A short retelling from Luke 23:32-47.


How does this help me love God better? Understanding what Christ did for me on the cross, taking on my shame, my guilt, my pain, my sin, everything about me that prevents me from being in relationship with God, how could I not love God? This is a warrior God laying down his life for those he loves to protect them from the enemy.

How does this help me love others better? We all have enemies. Jesus loved even his enemies while in anguish. I can pray for the spirit of Christ in my life and the ability to forgive those who would do me harm.


April 15, 2017



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