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September 09, 2017

Creation by the Word

Reflections Based on Genesis 1-2:4a

Why did people find it important that this was written down? The first Creation account we encounter in scripture tells us a story about God taking formlessness, emptiness, and darkness and breathing life into all the nothingness. On the surface, It’s a story about God taking nothing and turning it into something. Formlessness to the formed. Emptiness to the filled. Darkness replaced with light. Nothing to something with purpose. It’s a story that pinnacles towards humankind. We were nothing. We didn’t even exist but through spoken word, we went from a nothing to an everything for God.

Why did this passage endure? The Creation account speaks to our beginnings and ultimately what’s sacred, all life. It tells us about this moment in time where, as some have put it, Creation happened out of an overflow of God’s love. It has endured because it tells a story about a God who has always been a God of the resurrection. God can always take nothing, formlessness, lifelessness, shapelessness and breathe meaning into it.

What is it that is true for them then that is true for us now? We all contemplate our existence. We ask questions like: How did all of this come into being? Why are we here? What’s the meaning to life. These are all questions that have the start of an answer in Genesis 1-2:4a.

And then we ask the real question: Does my life really matter? Yes you matter. Yes I matter. God wasn’t ready to rest from mountains, seas, the stars, the sky and everything that fills them until God breathed us into existence. Let that sink in. God wasn’t done until you were thought of and a plan in place to bring you into existence.


September 12, 2017

Binding of Isaac


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